Thomas is hilarious

Lynn, 4/7/2021, 8:19PM(4 days ago) @Viola

Well, their mother was a promiscuous one herself, but hid it. Who can forget how she bedded all Forrester men, from grandpas to Grandsons, and all her chasing Brooke’s cast offs, and her drunken hookups at the bars where she didn’t even know the men’s names. Stephanie helped hide her infidelity. And We suffered years of Taylor on her high horse. Ridge, in an epic episode from 2005 dumped her for being a hypocrite. That was the last time they were married....and only married cause Stephanie pretended she was dying. Her kids think that behavior is the norm cause they watched mom get away with it.

Stephanie encouraged Thomas and Steffy in their literal attacks against their fathers happiness. Rewarding them with $$ if they could pull off wrecking his marriage to Brooke. The horse wedding....the berries....both weddings that Ridge didn’t follow through and it was found his kids were liars.

Their mother never told them the truth, granny taught them to be manipulative and Daddy never held them accountable for their decades of deceit and betrayals. We just watched Ridge celebrate his single daughter getting knocked up by Hopes husband as if it were ok. He showed zero concern for her poor choice, and even less concern for the hurt she participated in against Hope. Not one itty bit of disgust.

He only was nice to Hope last week cause he wanted to use Hope to get Brooke to be nice to Thomas. Forgetting that it was Thomas obsession and his making out with a mannequin that lead to the misunderstanding and Liam
Going for easy ego sex with Steffy. His kids helped blow Hopes life apart. Sure it’s Liam’s fault. But had Ridge EVER disciplined those rotten kids they wouldn’t have grown up to be such lousy adults. Both his kids are obsessed with Hope and her life with Liam. Brooke has every reason to never trust those two. And Ridge should wake up and recognize what his kids are. And Hope should steer clear of Ridge. He’s not to be trusted and he enjoys seeing her hurt.

They act as if nobody should ever hold them accountable or call them out.

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