Walk away, Liam!

soapsarefun, 2/22/2021, 5:52PM(2 days ago) @BoldReason- one person liked this

I don't care who Liam wants. Liam doesn't know so he needs a break to figure it out! Hope doesn't have to sit around for him and her only option isn't Thomas! Bring someone in for her! I personally think that Tom would be more dynamic in the Zoe, Zende , Paris and Carter storyline. Perhaps they could bring back a new and improved Oliver!

Well, I never said Hope had to sit around for him, and I definitely will never want Hope with Thomas. I am fine if Hope leaves Liam. I just am shocked at all of the blame Hope is getting when it was Liam and Steffy (who has also not actually let go as evidenced by her glaring poster still hanging in her living room) who are the bad ones. I want Hope happy. Steffy can fall off the cliff for all I care.

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