Daytime confidential spoilers (Spoilers)

naintednancy, 11/21/2020, 6:19PM(8 days ago) @hopeyougogirl

STEAM continue to talk about and disagree about Thomas. 

Liam finds out more ridiculousness about Thomas. 

Thomas takes his relationship with plastic Hope (Annika Noelle) to the next level.

Plastic Hope emerges during a family dinner. 

Liam has dinner with Steffy and Kelly, but can't keep his mind off Thomas. 

Steffy continues to turn a blind eye to Thomas' descent into madness. 

Thomas is forced to choose between his hallucinations and reality.

Finn's (Tanner Novlan) presence smacks Thomas back into reality. 

Liam catches a shirtless Thomas with his hands on the real, live Hope.

Is the last spoiler reliable? Watercooler says Thomas is with the doll, this one says otherwise.

She had ZERO reason to stay to begin with. Thomas wanted to spend time with his son, Hope is the one who chose to stay and have dinner and unless I mssed it, she never told Liam what she intended to do after she sent him to the beach party.

Liam mistaking Hope for the DOLL and jumping to the wrong conclusions is one thing.

If he finds Hope allowing a SHIRTLESS Thomas to put his hands on her (and possibly making moves on her) and she doesn't pull away IMMEDIATELY, then there is absolutely no misunderstanding!

This would be inappropriate with any man, but it's even more inappropriate with a man who just declared his love and still wants to be with her. There would be no misunderstanding if I were Liam, I would see it as a betrayal too.

Guess I won't know which spoiler is accurate until the scene plays out on screen.

"Thomas takes his relationship with plastic Hope to the next level."
EWW. I hope it's just a kiss and they won't show him sexing her. And FGS, I hope Douglas doesn't see any of that!

No, these are not reliable..they tend to have their own spin with the wording.


I just think it changes a lot of things whether he is with the doll or Hope.

If it's the doll, then it's a complete misunderstanding. If it's the real Hope and she is allowing a shirtless Thomas to touch her, there is only a small part of misunderstanding and a bigger part of real!

This reminds me of when Liam was told (by Wyatt) that Steffy had sex with Bill on the couch of his office. Steffy got a free pass for everything when the truth came out, but for me a big part of it wasn't a misunderstanding.
Not only Wyatt found her in Bill's arms (hugging him) but then Steffy SWORE that there would be no more secret between her and Liam, yet she witheld the fact that Bill hugged her and was blackmailing her about Taylor shooting him. She may not have slept with Bill again like Wyatt said, but she continued to have physical contacts with him, defend him and keep secrets with him.

This situation with Hope could be similar if she allows a shirtless Thomas to have physical contacts with her and doesn't pull away immediately and Liam catches it. Specially if she never told Liam about any of this before she sent him to the party. Of course, Liam would give her a pass like he did when Steffy hugged Bill and kept the secret about Taylor.

I digress., sorry.I am not accusing Hope Liam or Steffy of anything for now. Just trying to understand what's happening and where this is going. Too many contradictory informations in these spoilers.

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