Finn and Thomas! Spoiler included (Spoilers)

PatriotGirl @, 11/21/2020, 4:03PM(96 days ago) @harper1

Finn visits Thomas on the 25th and tries to put the pieces of the puzzle together. Will he figure out that Thomas was with mannequin Hope and not the real Hope? There’s a reason why Finn is involved in this.

The doctor has turned into a Hardy boy solving a mystery now....:rofl

Probably more like a doctor recognizing Thomas has an illness.

Not sure why he suddenly cares..since he ignored Liam's concerns (about Thomas) when Liam went to see him in his office.

Why should Finn believe Liam over his girlfriend who happens to be Thomas’ sister? As he told Liam, it wasn’t that long ago he was trying to protect Steffy from him.

But Finn was the one who first noticed something odd about Thomas' behavior and brought it up to Steffy's attention. I guess he didn't trust his initial doctor's instinct and chose to believe his girlfriend's words over Liam's concerns.

Thomas explained it and both Steffy and Hope disagreed with Liam’s assessment. Finn only saw that one time which really wasn’t much to judge with. Why should Finn listen to the guy who was accusing him of being no good for Steffy. Liam doesn’t have much credibility.

But in the end when this Thomas mess is over, Liam will once again be proven right about an unhinged Thomas. Liam is the only one still suspicious that something is wrong with him. :-D

But he's not unhinged. He's sick so Liam is wrong about Thomas. Thomas has been trying to do the right thing. He really doesn't even understand what's wrong with him. It's not like he has some diabolical plan. He's sick. So Liam is wrong this time.

Exactly! So Liam thinks Thomas is unhinged, but runs away when he sees Thope in a compromising position? What a moron.

Way to protect your wife from dangerous Thomas. :rofl :rofl

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