Finn and Thomas! Spoiler included (Spoilers)

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I hope Finn is the one who finds out Thomas has an illness, this time. His character (Finn) will look like a joke if he misses something so big for the 2nd time in 2 months. He was supposed to be the hero, the one who figured out Steffy's problem and saved her and Kelly in the last storyline. Instead it was Liam who did all the dirty job for him, barged in just in time to save Kelly's life, gave Finn all the informations he needed on a silver platter and staged the intervention. All Finn had to do is contact the rehab clinic and it happened off-screen. I blame the writing for this and not Finn. But it will really help the character and give him some personality if he manages to rescue Thomas. (if he does, hopefully Steffy won't reward him by sleeping with a married Liam behind his back, but that's another topic)

That being said, I'm still A LOT skeptical about this "redemption" story for Thomas. I will repeat the same thing. The illness (or tumor or whatever) caused by his recent bumps on the head may explain his current hallucinations and his complex relationship with the blowup doll. But this isn't gonna make him any less guilty of vehicular manslaughter, repeated attempted murders. sexual assault, attempted date rape, attempted kidnapping, stalker, child abuser and complicit of a baby swap. No amount of tumors are going to bring Emma back from the dead, give Hope Liam and Beth back the months they spent away from each other, and no amounts of illnesses are gonna erase all the emotional abuse/gaslighting he put Hope and Douglas through. Unless he had a tumor growing inside his head or a medical issue since he is a teenager (which would be the silliest and the most contrived plot I've ever seen) it won't change anything to the kind of person he is. Even if tomorrow Liam knocks up Hope, Steffy, Quinn, Flo and Shauna the same day, he will still be a better romantic lead than Thomas and a better option for Hope. In fact I don't mind Thomas having an illness, as long as they don't whitewash him and reward his behavior later. Keep him as a villain or at least a troublemaker who doesn't get passes for his behavior. Stop having Hope and Steffy praise him for the good person and the good father he is and defending his behavior, it's beyond insulting for both women.

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