Liam and Wyatt spoiler for November! (Spoilers)

Lope2.0, 11/21/2020, 11:53AM(14 days ago) @theduchess

lope solid? :lol
they're always on a house of cards

They've been together (practically) non-stop since after Kelly's birth, and Kelly is 4yo. Only 2 short-lived, temporary separations that were based on lies and manipulations (the Beth lie and Thomas/Steffy's heartless conspiracy last spring) And both times Lope were separated, he was sleeping in Steffy's guest house, nothing happened outside of the drugged night.
4 consecutive years together and nearly always front and center. That can't be said about anybody else. So yeah, I find them pretty solid at this point. If there is another breakup, it'll be temporary. As usual

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