Liam and Wyatt spoiler for November! (Spoilers)

cranberryboy, 11/21/2020, 9:51AM(5 days ago) @KatieFan32

I disagree with your post.

I don’t see Katie coming between Flo and Wyatt. Katie knows that Wyatt is very much in love with Flo.

Katie belongs with Bill. I hope they got back together.while they’ve been off screen all of this time.

I think Liam will not go after his brother’s high school sweetheart Flo either her and Wyatt are solid. More likely Liam might come between Steffy and Finn. In my opinion.

I don’t support Lope at all. So I would like for Thomas to get the help he needs before being with Hope

Yes to Liam and Steffy, but I hate it because of a misunderstanding. It always ends bad.

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