Would you accept Pierson Fode back as another character?

Brenda fan, 11/20/2020, 11:39PM(9 days ago) @beachboy※

Is 1 actor allowed to play 2 different main characters in the same soap opera? Especially so shortly after the first character left? I've never seen it before, unless the 2 characters are twins.
Besides, PF leaving B&B is what forced Bell to kill Tally and rewrite everything he'd planned. Why would Bell take him back after that?

Well the thing is PF was willing and wanted to stay, but he wanted to be recurring. Bell said it's all or nothing so he left. Bell waited a year to recast but yes it messed up his plan, because he said he planned on Tally as a supercouple and had to throw it away. PF wanted to do primetime, and a full schedule on Bold wouldn't allow it.

I think everything worked out. Matthew is a true talent and Bell loves him. So I don't see Brad holding a grudge.

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