Would Hope be better with a new guy?

Barbybo, 10/18/2020, 12:40PM(45 days ago) @Torval

Who loves only her, no baggage?

Hope is already in the middle of a long-term triangle with 2 guys. They have both been called "leading men" by Bell, and both Lope and Thope have been highly promoted by Bell and propped by the other characters. AN was hired to be Liam's love interest while MA was hired to be Hope's love interest. She has her own family with both guys and the latest previews made it clear Thomas wasn't moving on from Hope.

Even knowing all that, could a THIRD guy be introduced or could Wyatt also be reinserted in Hope's life as a potential love interest. I guess anything is possible, but now her options are Liam and Thomas and I think they will remain her 2 main options for a long time. I like both actors and both characters, so I'm fine with that.

Same old is boreing

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