Daytime Confidential Spoilers (Spoilers)

PatriotGirl @, 10/17/2020, 10:18PM(13 days ago) @Steffyfanatic

Liam continues to hate, hate, hate Finn

BRIDGE try to cheer Eric up.

Steffy and Finn get a little closer.

Hope wants Liam to really think about whether or not he wants to be married to her.

Wyatt comes unhinged when Flo invites Quinn to move in.

In a stunning twist, Liam realizes he is wrong.

Brooke is a wee bit worried about Hope working with Thomas

Zoe sings a song for Zende

Once Zoe's pipes are warmed up, she hits the sheets with Carter

Liam has some stuff to tell Hope about Thomas.

Somebody comes to see Zende.

How much closer?

That's what I want to know...are they gonna start making sinn-abuns? :lol

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