Tanner Novlan on what's coming up for Finn

hopeyougogirl, 10/17/2020, 12:21PM(5 days ago) @candycpw

In this week's insta chat Tanner said he was ''was surprised at some of what is coming up."
On Finn's past:
“I think everyone in this world might have a dark side that we get to explore. We’re still getting to know Finn, and he definitely loves Steffy.”

On the Steam photo:
Maybe Finn will throw it in the fireplace!

If Finn gets rid of the photo himself, it will already be a bad omen for the future of the couple. Not only it would show that Steffy was never going to do it herself, and therefore that she wasn't ready to for a new relationship and never stopped hoping for a future with Liam. But in addition, it would show how jealous, possessive and insecure Finn is about Liam and Steffy's history, and that he doesn't mind being her backup guy. If she takes it down only because he asks her, it will also be a huge red flag for him. The decision should come from Steffy and I doubt she is going to burn it, putting it in Kelly's nursery would be more appropriate.

:cool There's a ton of talk about how Liam is jealous, and he IS acting like a weirdo, but let's remember who it is that has a portrait of another woman's husband hanging on her wall.

IKR?! There’s only ONE person who has someone else’s husband front and center in her house on this show lol. Enough said.

Not for long, lol

I'll believe it when I FINALLY see it lol.

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