Steffy and Liam funny (General)

by Barbybo, Sunday, August 02, 2020, 2:41PM (6 days ago) @ q


LOL..mopey Steffy looked constipated. Did she get that look from Liam? :rules

No actually she has an excuse. She's in severe pain. Hope looks like that on a daily basis. What's her excuse?

I don’t think Hope smiles much.....but she mopes alot

Hope smiled plenty....she looked very happy with her family during the t-shirt wedding.

Now that skit was sooo stupid for words liams stuck with toms kid under foot ...he warned ditzy Hope she never listens...they never get along for long heck just months ago he walked out already if baby wasn’t kidnapped they would be broken up year ago..

didn't he walk out on Steffy too? that time she was hanging onto his ankles and he had to drag her out side like that?

He had to walk out. She never leaves when he asks her to.

Liams boots are made for walk-in like the song

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