SOD Spoilers from SSK (Spoilers)

IW, 8/1/2020, 2:14AM(176 days ago) @KatieFan32

Zende will be in the mix with Zoe and Carter. The Avants, including Nicole and Maya will be seen throughout the fall. Zende will also be involved in a business storyline surrounding the Forrester boutique.

Finn will be immediately taken with Steffy and will add to the dynamic with Steffy/Hope/Liam, Steffy has a big battle ahead.

I guess those (and the previous thread) were supposed to be the May sweeps, before they stopped production. Absolutely nothing to look forward to in these previews. No interest whatsoever in Flo winning against Sally, Shauna and Quinn winning against Brooke, the new improved Thomas or Zoe's new love triangle. These 4 characters belong in a padded cell but instead they are rewarded. No more interest in Steffy getting hooked on drugs and abusing/cheating on another man.


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