2 decent men fighting over ZOE? (General)

by rain4 @, Saturday, August 01, 2020, 12:48AM (8 days ago)
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I wished I was hallucinating, but this is what the previews say!

How can Bell seriously put her character in the middle of a love triangle, especially with 2 decent men like Zende and Carter, and so shortly after her involvment with Reese? The actress who plays Zoe is pretty (though I certainly prefered Nicole and Sasha) but what is there to like about her character?

The character was basically introduced as a villain. Her boyfriend had a negative opinion about her and moved to another continent to get away from her. She followed him from London to LA, in order to stalk him. Then she threatened to murder Emma several times simply because she was dating the boyfriend who left her. She stole Sally's computer, framed her for the death threats and lied to everyone until she got caught by Katie and Thorne. Then she sneaked into Hope's fashion show, conned Charlie, disguised herself and stole Emma's showstopper. She stalked Xander for months, bad-mouthed Emma, used her sexuality to sleep with him. Instead of paying for her despicable actions, she got rewarded when Emma kicked him to the curb and let her have him.

She was involved in the Beth deception since almost the beginning. The only difference with Flo is she didn't sign any papers, but her role in the perpetuation of this atrocious lie is NO DIFFERENT from Flo. She covered it up since the beginning. She knocked Flo out when she took her phone and was trying to call him. She stopped Xander and Emma from spilling the beans several times, and she wasn't even feeling guilty about it. She wasn't thinking about Hope Liam and Steffy. She only thought about herself, about her career at Forrester if the truth came out. She let grieving parents think their daughter was dead for 8 months, knowing the baby was alive and fine. Even worse, she played a major role in Emma's death. When she learnt Emma was on her way to tell Hope, she franctically phoned Thomas and begged him to stop Emma by all means. She never showed remorse about any of that. As for her relationship with Thomas, she was using him as much as he was using her. She started dating him so she could live in Vinny's apartment. Later she accepted a job at FC from Steffy and agreed to spy on him for her. She blamed Thomas for everything, even if she was using him and keeping her own secrets from him.

I also have a problem with how quickly she moves on from her relationship. Xander was supposedly her great love. She tracked him down accross the world and reverted to manipulations in order to be with him. Seeing how quickly she got over him when he left her and how fast she became infatuated with Thomas, she couldn't love Xander that much. After the disastrous wedding, she moved on from Thomas in a heartbeat as well. 3 episodes later, she was working at Forrester, all smiling and discussing with Flo like nothing happened. Something is seriously wrong with her.

Carter and Zende aren't perfect, but for me they have always been presented as honest, nice people. Outside of 2 rounds of waffling between the Avant sisters, Zende played a good guy. Carter has been on the show for 7 years and even if he made a play for a married Maya and messed up a few legal documents, he is supposed to be a decent person too. If there is really a rivalry between them, I wonder who is going to turn into the bad guy. My bet is it will be Carter. But cannot understand how guys like them could possibly find Zoe worth fighting over, after everything she has done in (only) 2 years. They could have easily hired a new woman or brought back Nicole, Sasha or even Dayzee or Maya. Thomas already showed interest in both Sasha and Nicole. Carter was engaged to Maya and knows Nicole very well. Zende has history with both women. Why Zoe? Why??? :cry

I could start another comment to explain how frustrated I am that Steffy and Finn are going to be right in the middle of Hope and Liam's marriage/Family, but I stop for today. The thoughts of Flo being the great love of Wyatt's life and now Carter and Zende battling for a woman like Zoe are bad enough. :puke

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