Business story line coming up

BoldReason, 7/31/2020, 9:51PM(318 days ago) @Ozboldfan

A Forrester business storyline? I hope it involves Ridge and Steffy being taken down as co-CEO. There wouldn't even be any Steffy and Ridge if it weren't for wicked Quinn and her obsession with her pathetic son. Eric was mad at Ridge and Steffy for not supporting his marriage. He was going to leave Quinn as CEO or appoint Rick. This joke went on long enough. Someone else needs to take over.

theres no indication that the company is suffering under Ridge and Steffy's leadership so why would they be removed??
and who would take over anyway??????

Eric and Stephanie have other children! They have a right to run it, with the exception of crazy Rick (who needs a padded cell)! I am not opposed to change as long as it makes sense.

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