Business story line coming up

BoldReason, 7/31/2020, 9:46PM(318 days ago) @l.c

A Forrester business storyline? I hope it involves Ridge and Steffy being taken down as co-CEO. There wouldn't even be any Steffy and Ridge if it weren't for wicked Quinn and her obsession with her pathetic son. Eric was mad at Ridge and Steffy for not supporting his marriage. He was going to leave Quinn as CEO or appoint Rick. This joke went on long enough. Someone else needs to take over.

They have more stock than Eric put together. They have operational control of the company! Rightfully so. However, I am sure Steffy will temporarily step down because of illness! In fact, I think you might be on to something. Ridge needs to step down for a while as well. Put a Forrester in like Kristen for the duration! Bring on the entire family so they can run their birthright like Stephanie and Eric planned. Thorne needs a shot at running Forrester finally as well.

This show has been Logan central for too long. Bell never really thought about Logan next generation and their place in the with the exception of Hope. Flo is hated and Katie’s son is a Spencer. So, yes make the show all Forrester again! And bring on some new Logans, preferably male so that family can finally be a bit more interesting.

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