Promo for Next Week (Spoilers)

by Antigua, Friday, July 31, 2020, 7:35PM (4 days ago) @ harper1

Look at Ridge begging Brooke again. He just told Brooke they were done for good, and now he is at her feet grovelling. SMH

I thought this triangle was going to be refreshing, but it's same old same old. Brooke or Ridge do something hurtful, the other is mad for 5 minutes until he comes back begging for forgiveness.

If doormat Shauna wants to stay married to him after this, she is even worse than Brooke and Taylor. Ridge doesn't care about her at all. He is just trading 1 blond for another because one blond disappointed him and the other blond was there to stioke his ego.

That doesn't mean Ridge has to forget everything Brooke has done. She cheated on him twice with Bill, pushed his son off a cliff and lied to him when she thought he was dead. How can he seriously forget all that stuff?

Shauna seems more interested in Ridge's credit card than Ridge himself. If Quinn truly cares about her friend, she needs to tell him to kick that worthless loser to the and find someone else.

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