Liam Does Have A Little Bit Of Decency (General)

by EnuffAlready, Texas, Friday, July 31, 2020, 7:20PM (4 days ago) @ Drangonfly

There is a little decency in him. He doesn't blame Steffy for being on a bike. Only an idiot would do that and he didn't. Steffy is a good person and mother and he knows that. I'm glad he didn't act like a jerk and reprimand her for something she didn't deserve.

Liams on today thanks for heads up I git my ff ready he’s a creep..

He seems to have a new look. Kind of sporting a lumberjack vibe. I wonder if hair and makeup is not allowed on site because of the virus.

I thought his hair looked awful. Long hair is not a good look for him IMO...I don't think the hair salons and barbershops are closed in LA right now.

I was trying to be diplomatic. :oh

Bless you. I have to refrain from saying anything about his 'new look' 'cause I couldn't be diplomatic. :-D

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