Liam Does Have A Little Bit Of Decency

hopeyougogirl, 7/31/2020, 3:16PM(323 days ago) @Steffyfanatic

There is a little decency in him. He doesn't blame Steffy for being on a bike. Only an idiot would do that and he didn't. Steffy is a good person and mother and he knows that. I'm glad he didn't act like a jerk and reprimand her for something she didn't deserve.

Liams on today thanks for heads up I git my ff ready he’s a creep..

He seems to have a new look. Kind of sporting a lumberjack vibe. I wonder if hair and makeup is not allowed on site because of the virus.

I thought his hair looked awful. Long hair is not a good look for him IMO...I don't think the hair salons and barbershops are closed in LA right now.

He don’t look good with that beard and longer hair like Thomas do. Thomas looking like a snack. I can’t wait to see Matt back.

Thomas is not my type of "snack". You enjoy your "snack". :lol

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