Would you support BRILL if Katie was killed off? (General)

by Mariposaa, Saturday, May 23, 2020, 11:35AM (9 days ago) @ Barbybo

I might consider rooting for BRILL if Katie was killed off and wasn't part of the equation. What do you guys think?


Hi I would like better bill in Steffy if bell didn’t write their one night of sex...I am thinking what a courageous good looking couple and the powerful couple they would be.......dynamite....hope all is well by you ...stay safe

No offense to Still fans. But they look like father and daughter. He is supposedly her father's age, right? Then, they look like father and daughter and their ons was downright nasty because she was preggo, married and renewed her vows, not to forget, he was her fil. so I think that completely washed away any passion and made them as a 'couple' a turn off.

Steffy deserves a better man who is her age and not a attempted killer.

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