BRICK wedding -- after the fact (General)

by BuckyBoy, Saturday, May 23, 2020, 7:42AM (9 days ago) @ Ozboldfan

Looked like Bridget was sunburned! Poprox said.

She was but not of her own design. I can not recall all the details of why but a very jealous Felicia managed to switch face cremes that caused an immediate over red sunburn.


Thanks for the info! ;-) :-)

yee Felicia did that, we need Felicia back

We do. And Thorne, Kristen, Rick and Bridget. The sense of family is missing.
They could at least acknowledge other characters from time to time. It can't be that hard to write a few lines like: "You just missed Rick, he was visiting" or "I hear Kristen's in town. I'll drop by and see her tonight". That way we'd know that the lost family members actually care about their parents and siblings.
When Thomas and Hope got married they wrote that Taylor was in Africa. Just have a character say "Taylor's in the kitchen, she'll join us soon". Or when Thomas was hospitalized: "Taylor just went to rest at Steffy's" - that would have worked since Steffy wasn't at the hospital either.
Sally Spectra was not there for Aly's funeral - they could have had someone in a big red wig sit in a chair and film them from behind. Just like they did with Sally calling young Sally. Easily done and fitting for the character to be present. Although I do think it's time to kill off original Sally.

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