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by Liz @, Thursday, March 26, 2020, 4:03PM (10 days ago) @ Barbybo

Brooke is no more a sleep than any of the rest them. They all have done people dirty, Brooke is just the character everyone loves to hate, which is why she will always be Bell's star no matter what washed up actress (Denise Richards) he brings on the show.

Why call a real acctress washed up she’s a human being...she just did a series and some movies....:neutral.

SC is a human being too and yet there are often conversations about his weight, his looks, etc.

Never .....I talk about his character the nerdy one in mr Rogers sweater and it’s allways all the character....and I ain’t the one said he was fat...your dead wrong ..better rethink ...he ain’t my cup of tea as a character period but no personal insults ..he ain’t my type is no way a insult hey I like macho men ....I looked up his photo on gen hospital but I never write my opinion ..I know me liams a ping pong cad ...that’s personal insults I talk liam...I know better

I didn't say you, Barbybo. I said that there are often conversations about his weight and his looks. I'm sure you've read them. Comments like he's not leading man material because he's neither good looking nor attractive. So and so is good looking compared to SC. It goes on and on.

I apologize I thought you meant me I was dead wrong ..please accept I read too fast bad habit ..I myself hate it when a actress or actor looks are attacked ..they just play a role villains etc....and I think personal attacks we have a good moderater they delete those comments .....again sorry

Barbybo, you didn't need to apologize. I feel badly that you misunderstood my post. We are good. :love

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