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by MegsMom, Thursday, March 26, 2020, 3:08PM (64 days ago) @ Barbybo

Omg Rena’s facial expressions are great...this actress needs a lot more airtime...why they backburned her for so long amazes me.....I loved the way she thought Brooke was a no body and swatted her away like a fly on a piece of pie......Brooke tried to scare quinn Brooke standing there dressed like one of the golden gals she looked ridiculous, Brooke kissed Bill it’s on video Brooke saying ridge won’t care and quinn mocking her was great....Quinn has the most beautiful eyes ...glad she’s naughtie again...her dismissing Brooke like o.k why are you in my living room go home look was quinn was brushing her off I loved it

I can't wrap my brain around Brooke's feelings that only she and a few others should be Forrester, can't she remember she can there as a Caterer for an Engagement Party, (Ridge and Caroline). Now she feels better, top of the line in class and should be with the rich and famous.

Unlike Shauna who behaves as if her remaining five brain cells can't find each other, Brooke accomplished a lot in her life. Not only is she an accredited chemist, she's saved Forrester and ran the company. Given the fact that Quinn herself went after Ridge, I can understand Brooke's animosity towards her:neutral

Omg that chemist was in rock ages time what has she done lately except babysit Hope

Perhaps, but it was something she accomplished. Just because it happened in the past doesn't negate it's importance. Actually, what have we seen any other character doing? Not a heck of a lot. :neutral

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