quinn told brooke to leave ridge, leave town (General)

by Barbybo, Thursday, March 26, 2020, 12:44AM (178 days ago) @ Liz

or else she will show the video??? brooke said she would run home to tell ridge the truth??? but quinn can send the video faster then brooke can drive home......by the time brooke gets home, everyone woulld already see the video and be shocked :rofl :rofl :lol :lol :surprised

Why in the world would anybody be shocked? This is what Brooke does at least every couple months. The woman is a walking disaster. Maybe she needs to see a psychiatrist about her addiction to sex. When she doesn't have it in a while this is what she does and has been doing for years.

Bill kissed her. She didn't have sex.

And Liam and Steffy kissed, they didn't have sex. However, Brooke took the time to degrade Steffy big time. Like Quinn said "pay back is a you".

Brooke didn't degrade Steffy.

She most certainly did in the CEO with Thomas and Hope there to witness it.

She most definitely did not degrade Steffy.

Brooke: You had no right taking advantage of the situation. You had no right kissing liam the way you did. Yes, I know that you still love him. But he just proposed to hope. So obviously you don't respect their relationship.

Steffy: I respect their relationship, brooke.

Brooke: How? By moving liam in the next day? You made yourself and your home available to him.

Hope: Mom.

Brooke: Well, it's true, isn't it, honey? I mean, liam is staying at steffy'S.

Steffy: In the guestroom, in case you need reminding. He is kelly's father, and he's more than welcome to stay at my house.

Brooke: I don't have a problem with that, but I do have a problem with you putting your lips on his every time hope and liam have an issue. Come on, steffy. Can't you just restrain yourself instead of causing all of these problems? Look, this isn't my first rodeo...

I don't find this degrading at all. And, it was Hope in the office with Steffy and Brooke. After leaving Steffy's office, Brooke goes to see Liam and says.

Brooke: I don't blame you. I don't even blame steffy, even though she might think I do. But there is one person that has his manipulative hands all over this, and that's thomas.

You find this degrading? I don't.

I guess it depends on the definition of degrading. She certainly was putting Steffy down, talking down to her, chastising her - all pretty much the same thing imo.

Steffy isn't a scared little girl and Brooke's brief conversation with her in private is hardly a tongue lashing. She pretty much told everyone that she didn't blame Steffy for the kiss. To describe this as degrading is a head scratcher. :lol

So I guess liam enjoying the kiss is over looked:lol

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