Another great Liam/Thomas showdown! (General)

by mglass, Sunday, February 16, 2020, 5:41PM (46 days ago) @ naintednancy

I get a kick out of these fights between these 2. I know the 2 actors enjoy working together and always have lot to say about their rivalry in the interviews. It translates well off screen.

I loved Thomas calling Liam a waffler. Though he has improved a bit since 2011-2013, he is right. He still loves 2 women and can easily bounce back and forth between them.

And now that Bill-Wyatt are on his side, Quinn is out of his orbit and Steffy/Hope are too blind when it comes to him, it's great there is at least one character to call Liam out.
If Thomas proves that he isn't waffler and can only love Hope if he ends up with her, maybe it will make the difference. Hope sure isn't indifferent to that. Spoilers say she thinks "at least Thomas won't kiss another woman if she ends up with him")

Also give kudos to Liam because he and Brooke are the only 2 characters seeing through Thomas' schemes. Brooke sounds too much like a hypocrite (she has also used men and used children in her life) but I don't see hypocrisy with Liam, he has never sunk lower than Thomas in the manipulations department.

He is seeing what Hope, Steffy and Zoe can't see. Too bad no one will listen to him. Per spoilers, Zoe and Hope will think he is nuts and they'll believe Thomas again.

Bottom line they are both right about each other. And Bell has established a great rivalry with these 2.

(As for Hope, I'll also point out that she did not give a clear answer. He asked her if there is still a chance for them. She couldn't say no and she left after Zoe and Douglas came back... interesting)

I'm sorry I disagree
To me Liam looks like a puppy trying to growl

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