SOD Spoiler Thomas (Spoilers)

by MegsMom, Friday, February 14, 2020, 10:56AM (230 days ago) @ Mrs.Brooke Logan Spencer

Thomas calls a family dinner to propose to Zoe. He sees this as an opportunity to get a rise out of his son, which will force Hope to make a decision.He will move chess pieces to corner Hope and he knows that Douglas is one of the best pieces he has.

Thomas is a sick, disgusting, sorry excuse of space and oxygen. If Hope is idiotic enough to allow herself to be manipulated by the psycho, then she deserves everything coming to her. The one I feel sorry for the most and the reason I despise Thomas, is little Douglas. He is the true victim in this ridiculous story line. He is an innocent child, victimized and cruelly manipulated by his sociopath father. Hope is no victim if she falls for Thomas' schemes, but Douglas certainly is. :grrr

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