Next week - Sneak Peek (General Discussion)

by cranberryboy, Friday, May 17, 2019, 10:15PM (95 days ago) @ Hit-Girl

SNEAK PEEK at #BoldandBeautiful Next Week:

Steffy arrives home from Paris.

Hope helps Douglas when he has a nightmare.

Ridge urges Thomas not to interfere in other people’s relationships.

Hope visits Steffy and is elated to once again hold Baby Phoebe.

Douglas is so cute! Really hope he isn't gonna get hurt! Hope better things hard and long if she agrees to be his new mother, it will be for life! No matter what Thomas says, no one can force her to say yes! And if she does, she better sticks with it and not let him down!

It's Thomas that will be letting him down, not Hope. He's using him to get Hope and snag Liam for Steffy. It's all on him.

Not if Hope says yes! Douglas asked her to be his mother! Either she says no and moves on, either she says yes! It's pretty simple, actually! But if it's yes, she better sticks with it and never abandons him! Like I said, if she says yes, it's for life! No matter what Steffy, Thomas or anyone says! No one is holding a gun over her head!

Thomas might as well be.

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