Annika gave an interview at the Emmys *Spoilerish* (General)

by Mariposaa, Thursday, May 16, 2019, 9:17AM (386 days ago) @ Steamfan339

She says Steffy is going to be supportive of Hope when she gets back.

She says Thomas's scheming is going to get even more maniacal.

I think it's ironical that before Steffy left in March, in her last scene with Hope and Lian, she said she was leaving town to give them some space, so they can work on their marriage. She told them they needed time alone. And she said when she gets back, she wanted to see them happily married, stronger and maybe expecting another baby.

Result, she comes home and things are WORSE than when she left. Their marriage is only hanging by a thread, Hope has been trying to gift him the whole time Steffy was in Paris. They only had sex once and she doesn't want to get pregnant again. She has spent more time with Thomas and Douglas than she did with her husband. She is keeping dirty secrets from him (the kiss and the proposal) and defending Thomas against her own husband. Steffy is in for a lot of surprises. If wonder how she'll react when she realizes Hope is suppodedly the love of Thomas' life.

Not to mention Flo. Now she is a Logan. Steffy adopted Hope's grandcousin. And the mother of her baby is now working at Forrester and living in her grandfather's house. What a mess :drunk
I foresee a Flo/Steffy rivalry. I don't see how they can get along, under those circumstances.

Regarding Thomas, I've been reading such awful spoilers about him, since he got back. How evil, monstruous and criminal he is supposed to be... Sheila and Quinn were supposed to be saints, next to him. :drunk All kind of bad stuff, even that he would get Hope drunk and rape her, or kidnap her so he can have her for himself. Yeah, I'll believe it when I see it. I don't see him blackmailing Hope, drugging her or making agressive overtures towards her. I don't see him locking his rival in a cabin or texting him with Hope's phone. When/if he does this, I'll say he is a horrible person. Until now, he is only "bad"... as bad as all the people who tried to break up marriages. All he has done is expressing his opinion about the whole situation and making his feelings for Hope clear (and drawing a fake picture of course) And Hope defending him and keeping secrets from her husband. Maybe he will get more maniacal and commit crimes, I haven't read the script in advance. But I won't bash him for things that haven't even happened yet. Let's see how things will play out, but I give Hope the credit if she is the one who decides her marriage is over. No one is forcing her to gift Liam, ignore his wishes and keep secrets from him. She knows what Thomas wants, he made that crysal clear and she can put a stop to his "manipulations" if she wants to. Will she, or will she continue to side with him? She is the victim of Reese and Flo, but when it comes to her marriage potentially ending, she is no victim at all IMO.

Thanks for the link. I'm a bit tired of Hope and this baby swap, but I have been impressed with AN and her acting in this big storyline. Can't wait to see what's coming next. :cool

Hope is defending Thomas?

When Liam started bashing Thomas, she told him he HAS to be understanding of him. When he demanded she stays away from him, she didn't answer. When he started worrying about Douglas, Hope immediately shut him down and told him he is a good father. When he planted the kiss on her, she told him he doesn't have to apologize and she is moved by his gesture. She was also defending him to Flo, telling her the "history" they share. When Thomas told her they used to be in love, she stood in front of him and said nothing. And now she isn't reporting his inappropriate behavior to Liam, I think he has a right to know about the proposal, but she is willingly keeping him in the dark. If she really feels nothing for him and thinks he is nuts and out of his mind, she sure has a strange way to show it.

I understand your view :)

Maybe Hope said the first line because she thinks Thomas is out of his mind and grieving? I don't even know.

Hope told him she was touched not by the kiss, obviously by his words but was she ready to jump in bed afterwards because she was moved by a few words of affection? Afterwards, she looked appalled by his actions. You people tend to over exaggerate on things Hope or Steffy does. The women are flawed and stupid, not perfect. And I do agree that Hope should tell Liam about the proposal but I think he doesn't need to know because he already knows Thomas's plot in mind. So if he knows Tom wants his wife, it's obvious Liam might just use his upstairs, don't you think?

I'm not defending Hope blindly, but I am also taking into count, not only blaming her grief for her actions. But I know she's grieving and still broken inside. I agree she is acting foolishly. I agree she should be tough on Thomas after his behavior. He's being a predator and anything could happen. I agree that she should forthwith tell Liam what happen,,even if he has the idea. But I do not blame her for Thomas's actions neither did I see her kiss Thomas back as people say. Thomas alone should be blamed for his actions.

Hopefully Hope will confide in her husband and the writers should pick up the slack from the poor writing.

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