Some SOD Spoiler (General Discussion)

by FancyGirl, Thursday, May 16, 2019, 7:00AM (97 days ago) @ Steffyfanatic

Steffy returns home from Paris.

Brooke comforts Hope.

Ridge counsels Thomas.

Hope visits Steffy elated to hold Phoebe again.

I still haven’t seen Hope hold Kelly or did I miss it?

Yes, you must have missed it. After her birth, Brooke, Hope and Ridge all visited Steffy and Liam. Hope brought Kelly a gift and took her in her arms. Shown on screen once, it's enough to know that she also holds her. But the show is insisting on Hope and Phoebes relationship because the audience knows she is her biological daughter. She held Kelly once and brought her a gift. No need to see more.

With such logics, we can also say that Steffy doesn't care about her daughters. Have we ever seen Steffy taking the girls to the park or the zoo? No, never shown. Does it mean it never happens and she neglects them? Of course not.


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