Eye candy alert!! (General Discussion)

by naintednancy, Wednesday, May 15, 2019, 3:53PM (94 days ago) @ hopeyougogirl

We got to see Bill shirtless today and what a lovely sight it was for me. That man is built like a damn stallion! :lol

He sure is easy on the eyes. :lol And to think Steffy gave up on that look..and she rather stare at her wall poster fantasy instead. Stupid.

Not a fan of Steffy, but she deserves much, much better than Bill!

Even in her worst days, she is not as dark as him!

Shauna and Bill would be perfect together!

She could tell him how good she is for selling babies, and he could tell her how good he is for pushing pregnant women off a cliff!

They are both obsessed with money! They would be perfect!

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