"Great romances and people dying" (General Discussion)

by Barbybo, Wednesday, May 15, 2019, 2:30PM (95 days ago) @ Lucky13

"We have all the great elements. We have great romance, villains emerging and we are going to have people dying"

What is Bell talking about when he says this? Caroline died months ago, so I think he plans on killing off some characters in the near future. But who, why and how?

And who are the new romances coming? It sure isn't Batie, and I don't think Bell would use this term for Steam. I think it could be Flo-Wyatt and/or Thomas-Hope and/or Shauna-Eric (or Ridge) Speculations?

Between Flo, Shauna, Quinn, Zoe, Reese, Thomas and Taylor, we already have a lot of villains on canvas. I think the "great romance" will be Flo and Wyatt, alas. Sad, but probably true. And I think they will kill off either Zoe, Reese or Xander. Someone is going to find out and try to tell Hope, but will get killed off instead.

You left out Bill and Brooke and Hope has proven she is up to the task of villain.

I dont feel one will find even one writer of the show that would say Hope is written as a villian. Never has an article or writer EVER mentioned that.

But she did get most annoying and most boreing couple mentions

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