Another day trying to sell us flo ain’t bad (General Discussion)

by FataMorgana, Wednesday, May 15, 2019, 1:44PM (95 days ago) @ Viola

Every day she comes on we’re soppose to buy she’s that soppose to make her likeable....not for me lock her up she’s guilty plain and stealer conspirator....:tv4. Fifty grand is evidence........enough of flo and gold dig mom

she's a logan after all; & a true one, not 1 coincidence

She wasn't raised by the Logans. If she were she probably wouldn't help to sell a baby because as you could see on the screen Logans do not do it.

True, but they do other bad things instead. See how that works?
Flo has received the typical Logan writing. Sorry, but not sorry enough just yet.
Brooke knows everything about it.

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