OT: One SPOILER for Y&R tomorrow: (General Discussion)

by RoseDeWBu, Tuesday, May 14, 2019, 5:05PM (95 days ago)

Nick finds Summer sulking on the couch over Kyle Abbott. Father and daughter agree that love is "dumb". Nick can't believe that Summer wants to keep working for Jabot Cosmetics. Summer's response is that she loves her job - and she's GOOD at it. Nick decides it's time to break the news: Grandpa Victor found Uncle Adam in Las Vegas - and brought him back to Genoa City. Summer's first concern is little Christian. Adam MUST know what a great dad Nick has been to the boy. Suddenly, there's angry pounding on the door. It's Phyllis - who barges in and confronts Summer about "turning on her". Nick learns that Phyllis hacked into Summer's Jabot access files - and calls what his ex did "low". Phyllis is quick to remind HER ex that HE started Dark Horse by accessing Newman Enterprise files. Summer informs her mother that Adam is alive and walks out. Nick confirms that he met with his little brother, THEN advises Phyllis to put her life back together - WITHOUT using others as "stepping stones". Once Phyllis is gone, Nick picks up a photo of Christian and looks longingly at it...

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