Liam and Hope happy for once.... (General Discussion)

by ShirleyB#1, Friday, March 15, 2019, 2:57PM (71 days ago) @ JFK

Can't the writers let them get Beth back and be happy for a while before starting a thing with Thomas? This s/l has been so bad, they need to finish it in a way that is both exciting and sweet. I'm tired of the threesomes and morose stories.

Hope could have been happy years ago but instead she decided to play sick games.

The only sick games that were played years ago was Steffy and Bill.

Using Wyatt to "punish" (Hope's word) Liam was sick. Bouncing between two brothers and seeing that she was causing them to fight but that that was fun! was sick. Rushing off and marrying Wyatt because Liam was late was sick. And way back using Olivier because Bill threw Liam a party, because Liam canceled lunch because of work, because Liam went to the hospital to see his child being born instead of flying off to Cancun with Hope was very sick since Hope knew Olivier was still in love with her. Opening her legs to a amrry Liam because she wanted to his wife's "power away" all the while lying to the puiblci about being a virgin was really sick.

I don't recall hope saying she was using wyatt to punish liam… but maybe she did. but she didn't know if liam was late or just not coming to paris because he never told her he would be there for sure. she thought he just didn't want her. thanks to wyatts mom helping him to get his woman. oliver is probably still in love with Hope.. and it sounds like hope has way more power between her legs than steffy does. I know steffy spread those legs a lot and several men turned her down..tried bribing, blackmail, begging, stalking..etc...had it not been for an uncle or two she would still have been a virgin when she met liam.

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