Who will chaperone Taylor while Steffy is in Paris? (General Discussion)

by Curiosity12, Friday, March 15, 2019, 2:00PM (71 days ago) @ mutzi

Back in December Steffy made it clear to Hope that Taylor absolutely had to live with her because she wasn't doing well on her own apparently. So what will happen to poor Taylor now? Will Thomas move in with mom and look after her in Steffy's absence?

Taylor told steffy when she asked that she's going with her. says she doesn't want her grand babies to forget her.

Ok, didn't realise she was leaving since she will be busy locking lips with Ridge next week. Plus Monday's spoiler says the following:
Ridge and Taylor welcome their son home as they prepare to say goodbye to their daughter.

Why would Taylor say goodbye to Steffy if she was going with her?

Taylor was momentarily distracted by a shiny object she wanted (Ridge) and forgot she was going with Steffy or decided she couldn't go with her granddaughters if there was another chance of tonsil hockey with Ridge.

I mean who is going to orchestrate Hope and Thomas if Taylor isn't around? Maybe she decides to stick around to "help" her son move forward. :lol

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