Taylor confides in Ridge that Hope... (Spoilers)

by November, Thursday, March 14, 2019, 10:25PM (71 days ago) @ Viola

... and Thomas might be good together.

From SOD.

I knew it. :roll

thomas can have her, frankly; he a horrible son & even more horribly brother; good luck he will need it;

Taylor never said that Thomas is horrible. You think she doesn't give a damn about him and that's why she wants him with Hope? :lol
And if Thomas is a horrible brother than idk... Imo he was a better brother than manipulative Steffy deserved. He should know that she was hiding Bill's lie from him. What a pity that he doesn't know.

she was trying 2 protect her brother from the serial gold digging, thieving worthless vulture sally whose family caused big damages to hers, was treating him like crap & stole millions form her own company, made a play 4 her husband, threw a cake at her; crashed her wedding & totally disrespected her, she was being a good sister but he has always been 1 jealous, greedy brother she doesnt owe him anything

Well it's not Steffy's business who her brother wants to date or not. Bill said he wanted to protect Steffy from Liam's waffling so he could scheme? Or is it only okay if somebody else gets tricked, but not princess Steffy? ;-)
When Hope told Sally that she wouldn't hire her because she stole from FC there was a neverendinf topic about Hope being evil, but Steffy could physically and verbally attack Sally, scheme, lie and allow Bill to destroy her life and it was fine... Wow, these double standards are simply ridiculous.

And why didn't you anwser the first question? Taylor is such a bad mom and grandma that she doesn't care about Thomas and Douglas and wants them with a woman she thinks bad of? ;) If yes she must be a terrible mother!

please, sally bullied steffy, she physically attacked her, stolen millions from her, went after her husband she has every rights to detest every air she breathes, sallys never done anything 2 hope yet she got bullied; sally hope really one isnt better than the other; taylors been acting totally out of character since her return but again just another way 2 prop his useless couple lope & try 2 make hope the victim & sympathy sorry epic epic failure 4 me makes me despise her even more; like i said thomas can have her

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