Lope will probably survive the crisis (General Discussion)

by muppetfish @, Thursday, February 14, 2019, 2:32AM (186 days ago) @ JFK

He loves both women equally for me, but that is not the question. He is married to Hope, & going through the same tragedy as her. He is loyal & showing her all the support he can. If she loves him, then give him the same support in return.

She has been and she will..like I said already, Liam will get through to her. Hope has done absolutely nothing to betray Liam, so Liam isn't going to just leave her.

Steffy, OTOH, had given Liam plenty of reason to leave her, so he did..he moved out.

These are two very different women and I will always maintain that his true love is Hope. Does he care about Steffy? Of course, he does, he loves her because she's the mother of his child. But he isn't in love with her..big difference IMO.

Liam should have washed his hands of Hope years ago when she told him losing his baby "was for the best" and told him it was an opportunity for them to be together. THAT is who Liam is now married to.

Hope showed her true colours a couple of times... That was definetly one of those Moments.

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