Did Steffy seem sympathetic to Hope today (General Discussion)

by Barbybo, Monday, February 11, 2019, 8:33PM (189 days ago) @ IW

Cause he knocked both up :whistle talk about awkwardddddd!


How is that? He didn't cheat on anyone, unlike Steffy! One of the reasons why Hope got pregnant is because Steffy cheated and he dumped her.

And he isn't the first guy who slept with 2 women in a few months. Wyatt, Bill, Ridge, Rick, Eric have all been there before him.

I agree, and I don't see anything tacky or classless about a man having 2 babies with 2 women he sincerely loves, one year apart. Knowing Steffy's treatment and Bill's manipulations, heH handled things really well. Maybe I would see it differently if he was a womanizer living a secret double life, but we all know it's not the case. He'd been separated from Steffy for 6 months, when he got involved with Hope. Some choose to ignore the context and leave out Steffy's indiscretion with Bill, but I don't.

Hope jumped liams bones ..and didn’t give two hoots about kelly, sure Steffy and Bill was bad but liam waffeling over and over is:puke

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