If Brad Bell was asked... (General Discussion)

by IW, Sunday, February 10, 2019, 6:58PM (10 days ago) @ Barbybo

He treats women a lot better than Ridge, Thorne, Eric, Bill, Thomas & Rick.
& unlike others, he does not scheme, conspire, lie & manipulate to be with the woman he wants.
But if Liam treats women so horribly, then Steffy & Hope treat men just as bad, for me. They have also waffled, lied & cheated.

Waffeling is disgusting to me....

Nobody waffles more than Steffy, so coming from a Steffy fan, it surprises me a little bit. She waffled between Marcus and Rick, between Oliver and Bill, between Liam and Wyatt and more recently, Liam and Bill. She cheated on both of her husbands, and not just kisses but sex. She interfered in multiple relationships, conspired against multiple couples, the latest one being Thomas and Sally. She harassed and begged multiple men to have sex with her. Now she pretends she is done with Liam for good, but her behavior shows she hasn't moved on from him. Is she more disgusting than Liam?

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