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by Brenda3, Saturday, January 12, 2019, 12:54PM (154 days ago) @ pspcindy

We are about 200 episodes behind the America in my country,... The show airs since 1994, and we are 3 millions loyal viewers every day. In my family (and my friends too) , we are all big fans of the Bold and the Beautiful. ... Alas they don't allow us to watch the CBS videos outside of the country.

We just saw the part when someone shot Bill in the back, and Liam hits his head and thinks he is the shooter. But I've also seen articles saying Taylor is the shooter. I'm a bit skeptical because we haven't seen Taylor in years, and nobody is talking about her. So for those who have watched the entire story, who is the shooter, definitely? Liam, Taylor, or is there another twist?

Furthermore, I'd like to know how Steffy/Liam/Hope will play out. I was actually hoping to see Liam with Sally, he would have been much better with her.... but he wasn't interested and the storyline has been dropped. Now she left for New York with Thomas, and I read she is with Wyatt now? I also heard Liam will have an ONS with Hope and she will turn out pregnant too, he will have 2 babies. Can I have more details about this triangle?

Is he with Hope or Steffy now, in America? And is the other girl with someone else?

Will Steffy end up with Bill or not? And is Liam still the father or her baby, or did it change? How will she name her baby?

From what I know, Katie is with Thorne and Wyatt is with Sally now, but currently Wyatt and Katie are together, they just got engaged. Why will they break up?

Is Taylor definitely coming back, or only for a few episodes?

I've seen Brooke and Ridge's wedding last month. Are they still married? What about Quinn and Eric?

What about these new characters, Alexander, Zoe, Emma and Reese? I still haven't seen them yet. Are they related to the Forrester? Who are they, exactly?

Thank you so much for your help, and happy New year, from Europe!!!

I'll try to answer for you Pausini.

Taylor shot Bill. Hope/Liam/Steffy. Liam was so upset about Steffy's ONS with his father he served her with annulment papers. She refused to sign them and kept begging Liam to come home. Ridge pressured Liam loud and often. Hope supported Liam and Steffy's marriage until she found out about Steffy's infidelity. After that she was only there for Liam, though she encouraged Liam to be a part of his baby's big moments. Bill decided he was in love with Steffy and devised schemes to get her to marry him. After lots of misunderstandings and mixed feelings Liam and Hope made love. Hope got pregnant. Steffy had the baby and named her Kelly after Liam's mother. Liam was immediately in love with his daughter. He considered reuniting with Steffy. Then he found out Hope was pregnant. He decided to marry her thinking, wrongly, that Steffy was still seeing Bill. The truth came out and Hope stopped the wedding. Bill had manipulated Steffy into signing the annulment papers by this time.
Liam was unsure what he wanted to do. Hope had a fashion show and it went well. Liam was with her celebrating her victory and the two became passionate. Steffy walked in and ended things with Liam. Hope and Liam married and awaited their child's birth.

Ridge and Brooke have had rocky times due to Ridge's siding with Steffy over Hope and Bill's reignited love for Brooke. But they are still married.

The Thorne/Katie story was a big loser. Thorne became overbearing and decided to influence Katie against Bill using Will. A custody battle ensued. Katie married Thorne to shore up her case and because she thought she loved him. Ridge cheated and pressured his old buddy, the judge into throwing the custody case Katie's way taking away Bill's shared custody. Brooke had doubts and found out what Ridge did. Thorne and Ridge went to Bill's to confront him about Brooke and Thorne threatened to make sure Bill did not see Will if he continued his behavior to Brooke. Bill lost it and a fight started. The two brothers had trouble handling Bill until Thorne held Bill's arms while Ridge punched him. Bill head-butted Thorne and knocked him away. The Ridge/Bill tussle ended with Bill falling from his balcony. He almost died but Brooke brought him back. Katie found out what Ridge had done and eventually the new custody order was ripped up.

Sally came back to town enraged that Thomas was back with Caroline due to Bill. She and Wyatt got friendly and fell in love.

The interns are just painful. Xander is related to the Avants. Emma is nobody and a total bore. Zoe is Xander's old girlfriend. They all work at Forrester Creations.

Finally not sure how long HT will be on the show as Taylor. But right now she is in the middle of a big story.

Hope this helps.

A little more to the Hope/Liam story. Hope used and manipulated Liam with how bad Bill and Steffy were treating him and what they had done and finally came clean with she was still in love with him and that was why she came back from Europe. She talked bad about Steffy while she pretended to help them work out their relationship. Liam was going back to Steffy and Wyatt told him that Bill and Steffy were still seeing each other. Liam is devastated and he does rebound sex with Hope on the floor of an old cabin, she runs and gets one of her old engagement rings. Hope has unprotected sex to seal the deal. So they are having a wedding and Wyatt comes clean that Bill and Steffy were not seeing each other. Liam goes back to Steffy and then Hope pops back up with the oldest trick in the world she is pregnant. Liam is still living with Steffy and Steffy catching Hope and Liam in a dressing room at Forrester with Hope half undressed and Steffy apparently has had enough. She proposed to Hope for Liam and gives Hope her wedding ring. So that is how Hope and Liam end up together.

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