will brooke and hope be mad at steffy for adopting phoebe

Angella, 1/12/2019, 10:54AM(734 days ago) @pbfan123

I don't think they will be mad but perhaps taken a back a bit. After all it was Steffy who made this grand display of helping Lope get through their loss only to turn around an adopt on the heels of that lost. Steffy has every right to adopt but a descent person would have waited a month or two not two days later. And before someone says she has an opportunity today to adopt as opposed to waiting and may not get another chance, of course she would, there are many children out there waiting to be adopted. Actually, it should be a huge red flag to Taylor and Steffy how quick and easy it will be to adopt this child but I guess the writers want to make Steffy and Taylor more stupid than they already are.

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