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by NopeLope @, Thursday, December 06, 2018, 7:35AM (172 days ago) @ Barbybo

Steffy is doing the best she can by being a good mom while handling her crazy mom. I also give her credit for trying to make this blended family work with Hope and doing the best that she can not to let history repeat itself.
However back in the Still days I was a Steffy fan but ever since Liam became her obsession that character was ruined and I totally turned against her when she returned in 2015 for a few reasons like the awful rewrites of Leffy, the whitewashing of that character also how she became front and center and very character got thrown under the bus to prop Steffy and Leffy she worked great as the manipulative seductress IMO she’s no heroine and I was a big Ivy fan and was pissed when she got sacrificed for Steffy. Thought I’d share this but the nice thing is Steffy and Bill are super hot together with such amazing chemistry and would love Bell to bring back Still and do them right because the story writes itself because of Still’s amazing chemistry

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