U know what a lot of women R mad @ Ridge about? (General Discussion)

by TeamWivyQueric, Thursday, November 08, 2018, 3:50PM (162 days ago) @ RoseDeWBu

That he went into Brooke's purse without permission!

It's like Ridge crossed some imaginary line that no husband must EVER cross - under NO circumstances whatsoever!

They were more upset about THAT than they were about him pounding the necklace to rubble!

Ridge didn't go in Brooke's purse innocently looking for some Chap Stick.

The problem I have with Ridge is his controlling Neanderthal tendencies and his behavior with the necklace is just one example of many.

A man who respects his wife would say, "It bothers me that you have that necklace and I'd like you to get rid of it. Will you do that out of respect for me and our marriage?"

Ridge instead invaded Brooke's personal property and did with it what he wanted. It goes along with the statement he made the other day about how he can't have Brooke defending Bill. Not "it bothers me when Brooke defends Bill," but that he "can't have it." That's another way of saying he can't "allow" it.

It's not a purse issue. It's a control freak issue.

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