Steffy and Alexander (General Discussion)

by traditha ⌂, Houston, Texas, Monday, October 15, 2018, 1:19AM (187 days ago) @ Bhamgirl

Steffy and Alexander would be a fresh pairing. But I think the writers are leading toward a Sally, Wyatt, and Steffy triangle.

She's already been with Wyatt and threw him out bc she wanted Liam. She really doesn't love him like she does Liam or Bill.

Where did you hear that Steffy loves Bill?

Steffy and Bill almost broke up his marriage to Katie and she had a major fit over him leaving her and rebounded very very quickly
To his son thinking revenge love against a Logan was the next best thing. Then she was pissed off at Liam over Sally over a kiss
And had an intense hot romp with her father in law. That nasty harpy loves Bill and is in denial like Scarlett O'Hara who always
Made business deals with Rhett to wave off his affection and run after Ashley (aka Liam).

Until she realized too late he and her were soulmates. Steffy is always lusting after what other women have when she and Bill could
Have made it work.

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