hope and brooke are lucky that they still have jobs (General Discussion)

by MegsMom, Friday, September 14, 2018, 9:19PM (252 days ago) @ Steffyfanatic

Family businesses are different. No comparison to a boss with whom you have no relationship.

Yes they are different and that's why they get away with the disrespect. There are no boundaries which can cause trouble with in the company and make a hostile envirnoment if not dealt with.

Disrespect is a two way street. :whistle

Sure is but Steffy did nothing to earn them talking to her that way in her place of business. She didn't disrespect Brooke or Hope. She acknowledge their contributions to the company and gave them credit for what they've done despite the drama in their personal lives.

Steffy paid lip service to Hope's contribution and then used her Daddy connection to ensure Daddy chose her line. It's easy to be magnanimous when you know you have the upper hand.

Steffy credited Hope and Brooke on their contributions to the company before the budget issue even came about. Hope was fine with her mommy talking to Ridge on her behalf to make sure her line was chosen. She sure didn't object to Brooke talking to him nor did she object to Brooke's comment about using her influence to sway Ridge to pick HFTF. As soon as Hope found out the funding might get reduced for her line, she automatically went into insults against Steffy and her line.

Both Hope and Steffy had paid each other compliments but it wasn't until Brooke overheard the conversation between Steffy and Ridge that both Brooke and later Hope, confronted Steffy. And IMO, there's a difference between Brooke's supposed influence over Ridge (that turned out to be a joke) and Steffy influencing Ridge. Brooke's intention was to save her daughter's line. No harm was directed towards Steffy in Brooke's influence. Steffy on the other hand, intended to sway Ridge towards her line to not just take the bragging rights as the winner but also to punish Hope. In fact, Steffy was clearly hoping Ridge would cancel HFTF, thus getting rid of Hope altogether. Even Ridge recognized her true motives. It's just too bad that Ridge is so besotted with his own daughter, he caved in to Steffy's manipulations.

Hope went at Steffy way before Brooke over heard Steffy with Ridge. She criticized Steffy and her line when Steffy never said anything bad about HFTF. After that conversation Steffy went back to talk to Ridge and that’s when Brooke overheard Steffy. However, Ridge never said he was cutting a line and made that very clear. Brooke said it herself that she’s sick of Hope coming second to Steffy when it comes to Ridge. This wasn’t about what was right for the company or saving Hope’s line cause it was never going to be cut, this was about beating Steffy and coming out number one so while both sides claim it wasn’t personal, it certainly was.

We'll never agree over this, so we'll just have to agree to disagree.

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