Spoiler for the week of september 24 (General Discussion)

by mglass, Friday, September 14, 2018, 11:12AM (307 days ago) @ Debra

Ridge steps in when Bill confronts Katie directly about her lawsuit and her wedding;

Brooke and Bill continue their secret meetings;

Thorne and Katie tell Will they will soon be a family.

Why does Ridge step in? Is Bill rough with Katie or something? I just don't get how this is any of his business.

Brooke keeping her meetings with Bill a secret even after he kisses her. So much for being the honest wife.

Thorne is creepy and Katie is not acting like Katie.

So apparently this contrived custody case is to redeem Bill, with Brooke and likely Liam and Wyatt lining up with Bill. I can't imagine Liam supporting Bill will go over well with Hope.

I don't know - I know Hope thinks very little of Bill - but without his last interference she would not have her little baby!

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