Where's the Nerf Bat? (General Discussion)

by Sailor'sMom2, Friday, August 10, 2018, 4:19PM (222 days ago) @ MegsMom

Today, I would have happily taken the Nerf Bat, usually reserved for Wyatt, to a couple of deserving characters: Ridge and Emma


He just can't leave it alone. Once more, he's badgering Hope, dismissing her feelings as unimportant or at least less important than Steffy's, all because of Liam. He refuses to accept that a) Steffy's moving on and b) Liam's also moving on with Hope. However, that's not good enough for Ridge. You'd think that Ridge would be happy that Steffy's taken charge of her life and is ready to move on. Not to mention, kicking Liam to the curb for his waffling ways and indecisive nature. Nope, not Ridge. And when Brooke interrupts his grilling session of Hope, he nastily dismisses Hope by saying that Steffy is just upset after catching "That One" with Liam in the dressing room. That one? How totally dismissive, insulting and outright obnoxious can that Neanderthal get? I'll hand the Nerf Bat to Brooke and let her do the honours! Unfortunately, I doubt she'd use it. Brooke's too busy getting Ridge into bed. :roll


Where does Emma get off asking, no almost demanding, that Hope or Thorne fire anyone, let alone Zoe? This little wet-behind-the-ears infant needs to put on some big girl panties and grow the heck up! She's an intern for crying out loud!! Sure she's justified in being ticked off at Zoe for posting nasty comments, but Zoe was right on the money when she pointed out that Emma's actions are based on jealousy and nothing else. All over a guy Emma's known for how long? She hardly knows the guy! If Emma keeps this vendetta up, she may find herself out on the street! I'm sending the Nerf Bat to Maya. Maybe she can straighten Miss High and Mighty up.:oh

I know Emma and this guy kisses a lot but have they ever had a date? We never hear anything about it.

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