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by hopeyougogirl, Wednesday, July 11, 2018, 8:26PM (76 days ago) @ angry gal

Steffy is living in HER house with her baby. The engagement is still on. Hope is coming uninvited, warning her she is going to fight for Liam. Hope is the nasty one here.

sorry, but hope was invited when stuffy opened the door and let her in. just like bill is..

Watch out Steffy you accusing Hope of interfering in your relationship is a hypocritical joke isn't this exactly what you have done for years....and the comment that you have a happy family with Liam and your daughter is foreshadowing's going to bite you in your bum when it turns out that Kelly isn't Liam's and that Hope is carrying his only biological child. KARMA train heading your way deary can't wait .;-) :-D

Steffy is such a fake and a phony always pretended to be nice in front of Liam. Then her true nasty colors always showed up when Hope is around. Get that skank bully, Hope..stand your ground! :dance3

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