A Bill/Sheila/Deacon triangle would be a welcome change

Judx, 1/25/2023, 11:33AM(392 days ago) @Soapyfun41
edited by Judx, 1/25/2023, 11:42AM

Sheila has enough storyline. I don’t want to see her get even more airtime in a triangle.

I would rather others get something to balance out the lopsided airtime of this past year but it doesn’t appear this will happen.

I am confused. Sheila was barely on from Sept-Nov. We saw Steffy, Taylor and Ridge daily for months. Giving Deacon, Bill, Lope and Wyatt airtime would make it less lopsided.

Sheila’s story is picking up and appears to be major with involvement with Bill, which as shown will be with Brooke, Katie, and Steffy and Taylor. Possibly Deacon, Sheila had a huge storyline involvement just before this, also.

Wyatt and Liam had an episode with Bill but they didn’t even get a response from him, yet others did. I don’t know if they will be seriously involved or used only as walk ons from the Spencer family. Again, only speculation on how the show has been using them so far, and for quite some time, which has been minimal. As with Hope and Thomas, Liam’s use was as a walk on.

I am only going by how this story is building and what the show has done this past year. There are certain characters that have non-stop stories and drama, not so much others. DD finally has a story, but no idea what it includes yet as he says almost nothing (don’t care what the reason is for the directing).

Anyway, I don’t have a clue what they will do and no longer care.

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