A Bill/Sheila/Deacon triangle would be a welcome change

matisse, 1/24/2023, 10:38PM(137 days ago) @Longtime viewer

Its a new triangle, with characters we know and love and with 3 of the best actors in the show. Personally I hope Sheila and Bill get married. I love the Sheila and Deacon friendship, I love the banter and humour when they are on. It makes you forget Sheila is a psychotic killer.

I want to see Shelia with Bill, pining for Deacon, who is moving on with his restaurant and being accepted by Forresters and becoming a family with Lope and the kids. Also, I would so love to see Deacon and Taylor hooking up, and Sheila losing her mind over it. I don't want Bill hurt, but it would be fun to watch Sheila stuck with a man she has to bed, but wanting Deacon instead. And, even better if Bill is just using her and she thinks she is using him.

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